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CollapseManager: (Count=1, Count=1)
 CollapseDivision: Administration (Count=1, Count=1)
  Carl LucasEmployee managment12/31/2014Normal
CollapseManager: Andy Barrow (Count=5, Count=5)
 CollapseDivision: Administrative Department (Count=2, Count=2)
  Nicole SweetCreate a new organizational unit9/1/2013Normal
  Jeffrey W McClainAcquaintance with the order №356-987/17/2013Low
 CollapseDivision: Department of personnel management (Count=3, Count=3)
  Antonio MorenoNew vacancy - HR manager9/1/2013Normal
  Tom HamlettNew vacancy - Developer7/14/2013High
  Tom HamlettNew vacancy - C# Developer7/21/2013Normal
CollapseManager: Carl Lucas (Count=3, Count=3)
 CollapseDivision: Administrative Department (Count=1, Count=1)
  Andy BarrowRecruitment9/3/2013Normal
 CollapseDivision: Financial and Economic Department (Count=1, Count=1)
  Elizabeth LincolnThe preparation of financial statements8/1/2013High
 CollapseDivision: Technical Department (Count=1, Count=1)
  Francisco ChangEnterprise portal - software updating8/1/2013Normal
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